Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Military Vehicle Preservation

[MV] Military Vehicle Preservation
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 13:31:59 -0400 (EDT)

<<1) Keep the Military Vehicle as stock as possible and try to restore it
to original condition if at all possible. We are mere custodians of these
vehicles, we owe it to future generations to preserve them intact.

2) If a vehicle has already been modified way beyond the point of an
accurate restoration, don't screw it up any more. There are restorers out
there that may need the one part you have to complete their vehicle.

3) If a vehicle has been modified, try to keep the outward appearence as
original as possible. If you want to change things, keep the cutting
torch out of the picture and figure out a way to build brackets, etc. so
someone at a later date can restore the vehicle to original....>>
I copied the paragrahps above from the M37/M715 thread because I think it has
changed into a military vehicle preservation type subject, which bears
further discussion.

I also personally feel that "We are mere custodians of these
vehicles, we owe it to future generations to preserve them intact." Towards
that end, I suggest that the MVPA should adopt a platform dedicated to the
preservation of all military vehicles. Their stated policy should include
the above items plus, I would add:

4) No military vehicles should be torched or scrapped, or modified beyond
military-approved modifications.
5) No parts should be thrown away.
5) Military vehicles should be protected from the weather. They should be
garaged or stored in an area where it doesn't rain like in the South-West.

Obviously, people that own the vehicles have the right to do whatever they
please with their vehicles (including modifying, torching, and or scrapping
them). I have no problem with that. What I would suggest is that the MVPA
officially discourage these practices and offer to purchase the vehicles from
individuals. The vehciles that the MVPA buys could then be resold through a
GSA/DRMO-type auction to MVPA members, with a stipulation that the vehicles
must never be torched or scrapped, no parts will ever be thrown away, and the
vehicles must be garaged. Anyone that violated the MVPA preservation rules
would lose their MVPA membership and not be allowed to participate in future
MVPA auctions. The profits from these auctions could be used to save and
restore more vehicles for auction.

I am all for people doing whatever they want to their military vehicles.
(Including repowering, torching, or scrapping, etc.) People have the right
to do whatever they want with their own private property and I support that
concept 100 percent.

However, as far as the MVPA is concerned, I believe that they should adopt
the items listed above as an official platform(if they haven't already) in
order to preserve the MV's that we take for granted for future generations.
I'm sure I'll get a lot of heat for this one. Let me know what y'alls
thoughts are.

Rob Kiser
'52 M37

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