Military Vehicles, June 1997,: RE: [MV] Military Vehicle Preservation

RE: [MV] Military Vehicle Preservation

R. Notton (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:29:16 -0400

<I'm sure I'll get a lot of heat for this one. Let me know what y'alls
thoughts are.>

You're right.

Admirable sentiments from Rob but;

1. Is this just for the USA or are we all included - Its not just Atlanti=
and Pacific Ocean between the east and west coasts you know.

2. <What I would suggest is that the MVPA officially discourage these
practices> =

The EEC have enough trouble trying to enforce their rules on us, the MVPA=

are way down the list.

3. <The vehciles that the MVPA buys could then be resold through a
GSA/DRMO-type auction> Its a bit too far to pop over to the US for a
Saturday jumble sale and the airlines get awfully awkward about big bits =
oily kit.

4. <vehicles must be garaged.> Hmmmm; my driveway is 5 1/2 feet wide wit=
the house on one side and a 5 foot drop on the other, the Stalwart is 8ft=

7in wide..........
We get 60 inches of rain a year and land with building consent goes for
1,000,000 UKP (thats 1,650,000 dollars) per acre.

As you have plenty to spare I'd be frightfully grateful if you could send=

over just 1/4 acre of land and 40 inches less rain.

5. <would lose their MVPA membership> Can't lose what you haven't got.

6. <The profits from these auctions could be used to save and restore mor=
vehicles for auction.> Happy to accept all major credit cards, money
orders, cheques; plenty of old ironware not yet properly tidied up after
the last European kerfuffle. US dollars are fine, send them over.

7. I'm trying to imagine how your MVPA is going to smack the wrists of th=
biggest hot-spanner wielding vandal of them all - US Government.

8. <I am all for people doing whatever they want to their military
(Including repowering, torching, or scrapping, etc.) People have the
to do whatever they want with their own private property and I support th=
concept 100 percent.>

I need a little help here Rob, having only the accepted minimum compleme=
of five brain cells, and they're probably not all firing together owing t=
encroaching old age; I just can't quite understand how this fits with the=

first part of your posting.

9. Can't quite grasp the concept, in The Land of The Free (and the right =
arm bears), of how you can punish hobbyists for not following the hobby

10. Am quite concerned that you may have momentarily lost your grip on th=
tree, do let me know that no injury occurred on impact.


(USS Great Britain - Small fleet carrier anchored in the North Sea; thats=

just the other side of the Atlantic Ocean next to France.)

(FV 623 Stalwart - full swimmer/crane, quietly dripping 90EP gear oil on =
neighbours drive to go with the rest I've already spilt, and its getting
rained on)

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