Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Eating Crow

[MV] Eating Crow

David C. Decker (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:24:27 -0700

Thanks to everyone who set me straight on the history of
the M37: When eating crow is it better baked or fried?
Oh well, maybe some other folks learned something also,
so we all benefited, thanks for the history lesson Robert
It seems like I might be on a steady diet of crow for
awhile for suggesting a 'Code of Ethics' concerning MVs.
No matter how it would be worded, it would alienate
someone, which is the last thing anyone would like to see
Thanks also for the education on the HEMMETT. The
military keeps getting better toys-----Why Sonny, in my
day we had to fuel out of 55 gallon drums!!!
I don't really feel bad, I have believed that the only
stupid question is the one that is NOT asked.
In closing I am actually quite proud to be part of a
world wide hobby which has diverse and varied opinions.
Put your thoughts out there guys, the answers are there.

Humble Dave in Flagstaff, AZ.,USA

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