Military Vehicles, June 1997,: Re: [MV] Radio help

Re: [MV] Radio help

Jim Rice (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 22:10:01 -0500 wrote:
> The RT-524 VRC is the complete vehicular-mounted version of the PRC-77. It


Again I have to take exception to what you've written. The RT-524 is a
sixty plus pound Receiver/Transmitter in and of itself. It is a
component of the AN/VRC-46, 47 and 49 radio sets, of which I will not go
into detail. The AN/VRC-64 or AN/VRC-160 uses the same basic RT as the
AN/PRC-77 although they have the vehicular mounts as part of the set to
allow mounting. The -64 is vehicular mounted only whereas the -160 set
has the necessary accesories to allow for conversion to and use as a
manpack like the PRC-77 in addition to the vehicular mounts. Just
because you manpack does not a PRC-77 make. It all depends on what is
issued as part of the system.

At any rate, I would not want to manpack an RT-524 much less the
batteries to run it. I am not sure of the nomenclature of the actual
PRC-77 RT. The entire system is an AN/PRC-77 just as the RT-524 is
part of the AN\VRC-46, 47 and 49.

I have an advantage of being active duty army and have used these radios
for years.

Jim Rice
Lawton, Oklahoma

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