Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Military Vehicle Preservation

[MV] Military Vehicle Preservation

Ron Schumacher (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 02:00:34 -0600

"Restore to original condition if possible..."
Hehe, uh, exactly what is considered original, and who makes the decisions about this? My M50 MK II started life as a M4A4 75mm dry stowage hull, powered by the Chryco multibank engine, and vertical volute suspension. It now sports a Cummins VT8-460 diesel, HVSS, and a French 75mm cannon in a modified turret. And to top it all off, what color should it be? Hehe I'm having fun now....

"Military Vehicles should be protected from the weather...."
Hello... these are MILITARY vehicles, built to exist in a combat evirionment. If they look factory fresh, something is wrong with em, and if they cant take a little sun and rain, well, you get the idea :) Maintainence is the key hehe

"MV's sold to other collectors instead of auctioned off..."
And just how will we get NEW individuals interested in the hobby? By letting them polish our "in the garage " paint jobs? I see a bunch of letters from people who only got their MV's for work or play machines,not to restore immediatly.

Lets not make rules about this stuff, it only irritates people to have to comply. But attitude makes the difference. If we as hobby enthusiasts, show our attitudes about the preservation of our beloved MV's in our rallys, club functions, and the restorations of our vehicles, then we can make a difference.
By showing our "MV owners-to-be" how to do it right, we will assure the preservation of these vehicles forever. And instead of trashing that old jeep out back, perhaps someone will save it, or tell someone else about it who can save it.
Excellent discussion going people, just my slant on a few comments I noticed, no disrespect intended, just having fun :) Try not to hurt me too much...

Ron Schumacher
Alberta, Canada

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