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[MV] Moving Vehicles

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Wed, 18 Jun 1997 12:32:20 -0400

When I got over the exhilaration of purchasing my first MV, the reality =
of it all sunk in...

How was I going to get this thing home?

The first and most obvious: Drive it home, dummy! That, of course, makes =
sense if you are sure of the MV's condition and road-worthiness. It =
might be quite an adventure if it isn't quite ready for taking to the =
highway. Lot's of other things factor in as well. Distance, time of year =
(weather), legal matters (licensing, etc.).

Another option, find a friend with some heavy-duty equipment. Most =
beaver tail style trailers made to haul small dozers are suitable for =
hauling most MV's. The only stumbling block there may be economy. The =
trucks that pull the trailers are not usually great on fuel mileage. =
This brings the next subject up.

Rather than employ a friend, and perhaps strain a good relationship, =
(whenever you borrow something, that's when it will break) hire a =
professional that does it for a living. They have the equipment, =
insurance, and everything else needed to make it a painless (albeit not =
cheap) evolution for you. But when cost comes into play, you have to =
figure on what your time and fuel will cost.=20

I found a great company in Warren, Massachusetts. Intercity Lines, Inc. =
1-800-221-3936. FAX 413-436-9422

They were able to transport my 1963 UNIMOG 404.1 in their enclosed van =
right to my driveway, for a very reasonable rate. Now, they may not be =
able to accommodate larger vehicles (the UNIMOG had only an inch or two =
on either side) but for vehicles no wider than a 404 'MOG, they would be =
worth a phone call. I will use them again when the situation arises.=20

They are more used to moving SSK Mercedes, and Bugattis, but I'm sure =
they wouldn't mind the business. They did haul my UGLI-MOG... Besides, =
just to see their rig is worth it. It is quite a vehicle itself.

The last option, is to hire a tractor-trailer combo that moves the real =
heavy equipment like cranes, ukes, and pans. I'm sure that is something =
you considered when you bought something that big to begin with. Check =
at your local truck stops and ask around.=20

Hemmings Motor News is a good source as well.=20

Good Luck!

Dean E. McCahan
East-Central PA
1963 M-B UNIMOG 404.1

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