Military Vehicles, June 1997,: RE: [MV] Jeeps in CA

RE: [MV] Jeeps in CA

Dunlop, Steve (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 09:51:08 -0500


I am unfamiliar with the market in California but there are lots of
CJ-2a's for
sale in Minnesota. Most of them are in poor condition, with lots of
mechanical problems, and rusted body -- typically these go for
There are also fully restored ones available quite readily for around
Anything in between -- functional, solid Jeeps that are not cosmetically
perfect -- is hard to find. When they do sell, they go for around
$2000-$5000, mostly depending on body condition and the presence of
unusual, sought-after features, such as column shift, Warn overdrives,
or PTO winches, all of which drive up the cost.

-Steve Dunlop

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