Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] Ferrets, Unimogs and OT-810 4 Sale

[MV] Ferrets, Unimogs and OT-810 4 Sale

Endhead (
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 12:09:00 -0700

I have MK1 and MK2/3 Ferrets (in U.S.), 404 Unimogs and (OT-810 251c
conversion)in Canada. I will do my best to beat the going rate for any
of these vehicles to sell but would rather trade for other MV's. I'm
really in need of a nice Gama Goat to drive into the sunset! Any info
where I might find one would greatly be appreciated. I am an active U.S.
Army service member any questions about current track and wheeled
vehicles I might be able to answer You might be surprised on what is
fact and fiction!!!!
Scorpion Court International
719 576 3143

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