Military Vehicles, June 1997,: [MV] K2 for sale

[MV] K2 for sale
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 17:25:26 +0100

I have just been around to a Blokes yard, and he has a 1952 Morris,
in need of a bit of cosmetics, very minor though, for sale, basicaly
Ready to Show, this is 1800 Uk pounds, and he also as what I beleive to
be a K2 Army fire engine, this he says has been in a barn all its life,
and is completely original, he has just redone all the breaks, and it
runs nice, it even has the original canvas seperater between the cab and
the back, he wants 3500 uk pounds for it, if anyone, has magazines that
are free to advertise in he says he would like it printed.

He is
Sorry idont have his name, but I will right what he has on his card
PAT C.Łynch & SONS
Jacks Yard
Adelaide Villa
Gardiners Lane North
Crays Hill
Telephone 01268 270573

That is England
Please contact him, not me if you are interested

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