Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] MB/GPW hybrid/MV Insurance replies

Re: [MV] MB/GPW hybrid/MV Insurance replies

Gordon.W.I. McMillan (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 09:24:53 +0100

Well now that we know....

I've heard you mention the trials and tribulations of 'Old Number Four'
previously, I think there may be a story there somewhere that we might
all like to hear, care to tell us exactly what the poor old thing has
been through?

As to Jeep hybrids I'd hazard a guess that almost every MB or GPW
outside the US is a hybrid, having been rebuilt numerous times by
anyone with a part that would fit. Never worried about it myself.
There is a story in England about the guy that found a bolt with the
Ford script 'F' on it and rebuilt the Jeep entirely out of genuine Ford
components, right down to the windscreen glass and gearbox internals,
and I think it may be true.

I'd have to admit that the nicest Jeep I ever saw was a GPW import from
the US (OK a 'recent' import, five years ago rather than fifty-five)
and the thing that impressed me most was the fact that it looked just
like I think it would have when it left the factory - everything 'new'
and 'correct' but not too tidy, polished, or shiny, it was a lovely
little thing. Apparently it came as part of a pair of MB / GPW, just
sorry I didnt get a chance to see the MB.

Here in Norway I've seen a couple of slat grille Ford GPW's, one of
which I have an enquiry in to buy, and if I get it the slat grille is
staying ! All part of the history of the vehicle I think. Gordon,
Bergen, Norway. 8-)

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