Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] Slat grille GPW?

Re: [MV] Slat grille GPW?

Jeff Polidoro (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 11:34:26 -0400

> << Here in Norway I've seen a couple of slat grille Ford GPW's, one of
> which I have an enquiry in to buy, and if I get it the slat grille is
> staying ! All part of the history of the vehicle I think. Gordon,
> Bergen, Norway. 8-)
> >>
> Gorden:
> I have never heard of a slat grille GPW! I would like to know more about
> I thought Ford invented the stamped grille when they started building the
> and used it from the begining of production. Maybe you are thinking about
> GP which was a prestandard jeep built by Ford with a tractor engine. I am
> about to start restoration on one myself. But I am sure you know all
> this, so your note have raised my curiousity. Please fill me in on the
> details. Thanx.
> Dick Ivory
> Union, NJ USA


I already deleted Gordo's post but I think I recall reading the next line
to be something like, "If I can buy it, the slat grille stays." I took
this to mean that he knew it was not correct but liked it anyway, which, if
I recall was the _point_ of that particular passage.

You know there were none, as well as you know there were no M38A1s built in

Regards, JP

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