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Joe Baker (
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 14:15:07 -0400

I don't know about Military Vehicles, I always used whatever fluids came
through the supply system...

But, I do know that 50's and 60's British cars are very sensitive about
the type of brake fluid in their systems. Use a non-recommended fluid
and in a few short months you have to completely rebuild the system
because the rubber goes away in the cylinders. It never fails when I
buy a "new" old British sports car I always find a leaking brake system
because the previous owner put the wrong stuff into the system.

I would always check the TM and put in the stuff that meets the mil-spec
for the particular system and avoid substitution without understanding
all of the properties of the substitute fluid. It is just like
performing the other aspects of PMCS (preventative maintenance checks
and services) on your vehicle, the military decided that those checks
and maintenance services needed to be performed to ensure that the
vehicle operated correctly. Remember in the civilain world if the
vehicle doesn't run, you are only incovinenced, in the military world
you could end up dead....

Joe Baker
Major, Cavalry
1/2 ACR, Bindlach, FRG (77-80)
418 Med Co (AMB), RVN, (69-70)

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