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Lee Phillips (
1 Oct 1997 12:11:16 -0700

Yes; here we get to the meat of the matter:

If you want something TOTALLY RESTORED, it could be argued that it should =
be restored not necessarily as the Military issued, but as it was used.

Date: 10/1/97 12:06 PM
To: Phillips, Lee
From: Joe Baker

I have noticed a lot of comments about what "should" be on a particular
military vehicle or what "should not" be on a particular military
vehicle. In my over 16 years in the military I have served in a number
of positions that were directly responsible for the maintenance and
operation of military vehicles to include a stint as the Motor Officer
for a Mechanized Infantry Battalion. During this time I found that many
times the vehicle would be issued in one form only to change forms in
its period of service.

A good example was our M-60A1 Passive Rise tanks. When the tanks
arrived at the Squadron they were not equiped with the smoke grenade
launchers, but after six months a retro kit arrived that was installed
on all 54 tanks. We also found that the tool boxes on the fenders were
not enough storage for all of the gear that was needed in the field so
we added the sponson boxes from old M-24 Light Tanks down at the bone
yard to the turret racks of the M-60's, those boxes combined with the
bolted on 4.2mm mortar round packing cans (used for map storage) on the
turret rakes finished the dress up of the M-60's turrent.

Another example was the wooden doors that were fabricated out of plywood
for the M-151A2s. We ran border patrol and always removed the tops and
doors to improve the vision of the patrols. We needed something that
would offer a little protection of the occupants while not impeading the
vision of the patrol like the plastic windows did. The solution was a
half door made of plywood installed on the jeep. We also found that the
standard heaters did not do the job, particularly with the tops removed.
So we installed heaters from the 5 Ton Trucks and fabricated ways to
hold the ponchos down around the edge of the jeep body that still let
the patrol accomplish there mission of watching the Russians.

I would imagine that anyone who spent any time in the field could tell
you of more ways that the vehicles were modified, or repaired using
parts from another vehicle or a different model of the same series
vehicle. That was an important part of what has always been refered to
as "Yankee Ingenuity", and in my mind makes collecting military vehicles

Joe Baker
Major, Cavalry
1/2 ACR, Bindlach, FRG (77-80)
418 Med Co (AMB) RVN (69-70)

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