Military-Vehicles: RE: [MV] engine search

RE: [MV] engine search

Todd Paisley (
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 02:36:44 -0400

>>> Am still looking for an MB block engine #450XXX to #465XXX for my 44'
>>> Willys. Please check your graveyards, clear the critters and snakes from
>>> the old, discarded blocks to see if you have anything rebuildable within
>>> this range.

>> I'm not as picky. I'll even take a block that is not rebuildable in this

>Glad my MB is a couple months older. Too much competition in this range. I
>need a 400,000-420,000 MB motor if you happen to stumble upon one.

I'll keep my eye out. Particularly, I'm looking for a 463XXX block with a 8-19
casting date. (Would kill for 463581.) Take any + or - that still has this casting
date (dead or alive). Finder's fee!

Todd Paisley

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