Military-Vehicles: [MV] GPW Engine 71349

[MV] GPW Engine 71349
2 OCT 97 16:58:04 EDT

Hi List,
While you're checking the barn for the recently requested MB engines could
you look for GPW engine #71349 please? I know this is a next to impossible
request but thought I'd ask just in case. We brought this jeep home last
night and that's the # on the frame and data plate so we'd be willing to pay
ransom for the engine to complete it. E-mail me to begin hostage negotiations.
The engine that came with it is a CJ that's stamped on the side like the
military with # 441-73574 and the numbers cast along the bottom right side of
the block read from back to front: 4-29 638632 W1 N1-CR N2 and the bottom
of the 2 in N2 is broken off but I doubt they put question marks in their
casting #'s so I figure it's a 2. If anyone's interested in this hunk of cast
iron it has the crank out because it needs bearings according to the last
owner and the box with it looks to have the remaining parts but I'll check to
be sure. Make us an offer.

Dennis O'Connor
Naugatuck, CT, USA

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