Military-Vehicles: [MV] Marine corps radio jeep

[MV] Marine corps radio jeep
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 19:04:09 -0400 (EDT)

I also have an M38a1 that is a driver for now. It is apparently a FAC
jeep as it has a tag from MARCORP Supply Depot albany Ga. which reads "radio
set central AN/MRC 35A" then a list of equipment such as AN/ART 13, AN/ARC
27A, and BC 348 as the main radio components. These are all aircraft
frequency radios thus my possibly erroneous assumption that this was a FAC
jeep. Any one with ANY information on this setup please reply it would help
greatly. Especialy needed are sources for manuals related to this equipment
and any anecdotal info on its use in service.Pictures and/or descriptions of
the general lay out of the radio installation also.
Thanks in advance "semper fi"

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