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Re: [MV]Dust Shield on Pinion Yoke

Brian & Robin Mead (
Fri, 03 Oct 1997 17:03:04 -0400

I don't know about the "Shield Dust Pinion Yoke" being optional or not, I
just know that it's a royal pain to try to cut away vines from the PTO
shaft going to the bush hog on my tractor. I imagine that it is optional
if you don't plan to be going cross-country through Kudzu or Trumpet Vine
but I know I'd sure prefer to have one just in case. If you do get tangled
up, the best thing I've found is a sheath knife with the serrated edge (or
back edge). That way you can slip the knife along the Shaft under the
vines & then cut AWAY from the vehicle & youself.(I don't want anyone out
there stabbing themselves & then crying to me) ;-)
If you do find a supplier, please tell me. I probably will need one in a
year or so.

'44 MB
'4? GPW

>I just tried to order a "Shield Dust Pinion Yoke" (don't you like the naming
>conventions!). This is installed on the pinion yoke of the front
>of a 1945 MB.
>I was told that no-one supplies this anymore, and even the later models
that had
>this (apparently through 1971) no longer require this shield. I was told
>function of this part was to help cut any small vines and things that
might tend
>to get caught on the rotating shaft.
>Question: Do I need to find one? Is it truely optional? Are there some
>benefits to having this? If one is desired, where can I get one?
>--- This list is great! Where else could I get this type help. Thanks in
>Enjoy your day -- Preferably in an old (1945 MB) jeep.
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