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Re: [MV] GPW-4
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 00:20:07 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 97-10-02 02:52:21 EDT, (Todd Paisley)

<< I'd be interested to hear more about this GPW. Is your K-member on the
rear of the frame the same as the Willys or does it have the GPW-style
with the holes? >>
This piece is of the Willys type as are the shock absorber mounts and battery
tray. It is the same frame as used on the Slat Grill Willys in other words.
There are no "GPW" holes in the rear bumper so I wonder if there were in the
front bumper? This jeep still retained a few "F" marked parts but there is
not one "F" marked bolt on the entire jeep even though there are several that
are clearly original.
This may not seem like such a dilemma, we can just assume that the very
earliest GPWs didn't have "F" bolts yet. But we don't know if my GPW is
really one of the earliest or not. We know it is the lowest serial number,
but its date of delivery is Apr 10th which would not qualify it as super
early. Unless it was made back in Feb but not turned over until Apr. 10th OR
maybe it failed inspection OR maybe it went on bond drives OR maybe the
engine sat and waited to be used for two months Or maybe I have no idea what
I'm talking about. This jeep is still so full of mysteries that I hate to
bring it up for serious discussion before I can REALLY look at it. So ponder
you opinions for another month or two and then we can all jump in with both

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