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Re: [MV] GMC Tool Kits
Sun, 5 Oct 1997 14:13:05 -0400 (EDT)

Hello List!

In an attic cleaning fest, I fount 3 Military GM Tool Kits. These are O.D.
wooden boxes with black stencils on the outside, saying "Tool Kit - Store
Under Asst, Driver's Seat" followed by mil & GM part #'s. There is a rope
handle on the front with two latches. Inside are small compartments that are
marked with the outline of the tools that belong in each area. Based on
where they came from and the surrounding items, they appear to be WW II
vintage. Can anybody identify them? Anybody interested? There are two or
three for sale.

Also found were small quantities om M-2 60mm mortar parts, M-1 carbine test
bolts and gas wrenches, and piles of other assorted G.I. junk. E-mail direct
to if you are interested.

Dave Little

'42 GP(W)

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