Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] GMC Tool Kits

Re: [MV] GMC Tool Kits

Gordon.W.I. McMillan (
Mon, 6 Oct 1997 00:37:22 +0100

Hi Dave, a good guess would be that they are DUKW toolboxes, as they
sound exactly the same as my original. I'm not sure if the CCKW had
the same thing, but the 'store under assistant drivers seat' is
straight from the DUKW manual. They should have G-501 on too, and
those that were issued with a DUKW (rather than as spares) sometimes
had the DUKW serial stencilled on. The DUKW manual has illustrations
of all the tools in place, rather more than you would have on the
ordinary CCKW for obvious reasons, and there are early and late
varieties with slightly different layouts. I paid a lot of money for
my original toolbox but they are obtainable. If they are G-501 try
Hanks DUKW page on the MVPA list or the Chicago DUKW Corporation.
Dont know anyone in the UK that still needs one but nice to have.
Gordon 8-)

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