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Fwd: [MV] NSN numbers
Sun, 5 Oct 1997 23:22:20 -0400 (EDT)

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Subj: Re: [MV] NSN numbers
Date: 97-10-05 23:21:21 EDT

Don't have the exact nsn #'s. 3/4 ton is prob just a p/u. Could be Dodge,
Chev, or Ford.
$ cyl is prob a Chevy S-19. 1 1/4 is prob the Dodge or Chev M880 CUCV.

Condition A1 is brand new. Cond B1-C-9 is usually pretty good. Condition
decreases thru alpha order to H9, which is scrap. They also use H9 to rotate
out vehs that they want to replace due to age or milage. I have recieved
several H9 vehs that were in good shape, but had high miles.
The Govt Surplus website has a list of cond codes and definitions that you
can down load.

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