Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] dummy .30 Browning

Re: [MV] dummy .30 Browning
6 OCT 97 11:53:08 EDT

>...wondering why you use replica instead of deactivated real....

The BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms) has a rule against British
dewat weapons. Even though they are inoperable, can't be returned to service,
come with certificate from the arsenal etc etc. and are beautiful work they
want to go their own route. Even though when going the BATF route it can be
returned to service when working from a kit that only needs a right side
plate. Foolish, but that's Washington. Not to say dewat weapons aren't here
or can't be obtained, just that BATF will make your life a living h..l if
they decide they don't like you or the weapon (providing they leave you a
life). If anyone has a more recent ruling from BATF (in writing - less than 8
months old) please let me know - we'd order from the UK in a heartbeat.

Dennis O'Connor
Naugatuck, CT, USA

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