Military-Vehicles: [MV] Dust Shield on Pinion Yoke

[MV] Dust Shield on Pinion Yoke

Herb Brown (
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 10:58:00 -0400

Last week I asked about the "Shield Dust Pinion Yoke" on my 1945 jeep. What I
thought was a simple question, is now getting quite puzzling.

I seems that my descreption of the item was not very good. For example, Todd
Paisley asked if I was talking about A-942, and he pointed out that the A-942
shield would do very little to cut small vines. I believe that this is
something totally different; but I am not sure.

The item I am asking about is on the front differential and is between the oil
seal (WO-639265) and the yoke (WO-A-1445). The Ordance Supply Catalog (ODR 9
SNL G-503) does not show this part. Question: Should I conclude that this part
is not needed, does not exist, or what?

The reason I originally thought this shield might exist was due to the parts
catalog from Turner 4-WD Parts Company. It shows this shieled on the front
axel. When I talked with them, I was told this was no longer available, was
optional, and was intended to cut small vines. That is when I asked if this was
needed in my earlier e-mail.

I also noted that the yoke for the rear axel(WO-A-1445)--same number as shown in
ORD9 for the front YOKE -- is labled as "YOKE, with shield, assembly". In
addition, the rear axel also has a shield (WO-636568).

Finally, in a catelog from Beachwood Canvas, the rear axel "Yoke" is show to
consist of two parts (one looking very much like the shield in the other

Is this the shield I am after (?) and is it needed? -- Anyone had this problem

Thanks in advance, Herb

Enjoy your day -- Preferably in an old (1945 MB) jeep.

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