Military-Vehicles: [MV] Limbo Dodge

[MV] Limbo Dodge

Wed, 8 Oct 97 20:47:44 UT

Hello List,
I'm having a bit of a problem with a well known transport company moving my
Dodge Weapons Carrier from Florida north to Pennsylvania. I won't go into
graphic details about the various problems, and there are many, other than to
say I'm waiting for delivery that should be "ANY DAY NOW, ANY DAY". My
question is to whom do I complain about this company and their business
practices. I know a number of you on the list have had problems like this...Do
I have any recourse with any federal, state or local agency. Who governs
interstate transportation of vehicles...Oh..By-the-way, I would be glade to
supply the transport company name upon E-mail request so you don't make the
same mistake and deal with these people. The one major problem I do have to
tell you about. As stated by the dispatcher via phone to me yesterday... "It's
a military vehicle... we don't like to do Army trucks"... What did they expect
when I contracted them to move a 1940, W.W.II, Dodge Weapons Carrier?

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