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10 OCT 97 17:10:06 EDT

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Hi Hal,
On the pad at upper left side (drivers) of engine block you should see T-
207 XXXXXX,I think, unless it was replaced later. Later ones are T-211 but
I've also seen P4 and P20. The T's are Dodge manufacture and the P's are
Plymouth (originals supplied by sister division?). Knowing the model tells
you the displacement and such to go by when getting parts and work done. Your
books will tell you the particulars for each model. One point to keep in mind
- they still use these motors today [not the passenger car model that's in
the 1/2 ton WC's but the truck engine that's 2" longer] for compressors,
generators, welders, etc. If the engine has been rebuilt there should be a
metal tag riveted to the lower right rear of the block that gives info about
the machining that was done.

Good Luck,

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