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[MV] Trooper the 'Mule'

David C. Decker (
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 22:51:46 -0700

Just for the Information: 'Trooper,' the last Army 'Mule'
This is a true story.

The oldest and perhaps last 'mule' assigned to the US Army is now and has
been retired from West Point. After his being put out to pasture at Ft.
Huachuca, Arizona, he was honored as a parade member at a July 4th Parade
in Bisbee, Arizona. During the parade, a couple of kids set off some
firecrackers, sending 'Trooper' and his towed howizter into a
uncontrolled run down the parade route, scattering people and damageing a
few cars. That was 'Trooper's' last run and he is now well cared for, fed
and groomed everyday at a private ranch south of Sierra Vista, AZ. He
spent many a year as the mascot of the cadets of West Point and in truth,
is a burro, not a mule.

As of Sep.97, he is still going strong and still likes his carrots. I
make it a point to see him, as he is at a friend's ranch. If one looks
closely, perhaps you can see the grin on his face from his last public
appearence. I would be more then happy to send his photo to anyone who
wants it.
(Are the animals which pull the cassion in the 'Old Guard' at Arlington
mules or horses?

Respectfully submitted for Trooper,

Dave Decker
Flagstaff, AZ

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