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Paul Vandervort (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 11:32:50 -0500

Joseph Boone wrote:
> I don't want to start an endless thread, but I would like to get a
> sampling of opinions regarding paint for military vehicles - Paint you
> have used, ease of application, durability.
> Also, would be interested in experiences with RAPCO and AERVOE paint vs.
> auto paint store brands, such as PPG or Dupont.

I just purchased a gallon of the Aervoe pait for a project of mine, and
it seems to be a good paint. They list their own brand of thinner
(reducer), but I used Du Pont 8022 reducer which worked just fine.
Sprayed it from a Sharpe gun, and was easier to shoot than I expected. I
used the #997 S.G. O.D. I have also purchased their paint in the spray
cans it is also very good paint.

One word, you cant buy it from Aervoe directly, you have to get from
one of their distributors (call them & they can let you know of one near
you). As for the paint you can have mixed, I priced it & it was going to
be about $20.00 more than the premade Aervoe, and in my opinion probably
not any better a paint, unless you go to a polyeurothane. But on the
other hand you need to take in consideration extra shiipng cost for
paint (hazardous). By the time your done it will cost about $40-$50,
compared to $70 for DuPont Cetari gal. As for Rapco I dont have any
experience w/their paint.

In the future Ill probably paint my progects w/the Aervoe. I used to
mix my own, but the Aervoe way is much cheaper & eaasier.

Hope this helps & wasn't too windy
Paul Vandervort
MVPA 437

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