Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] What about oxygenated fuel?

Re: [MV] What about oxygenated fuel?
13 OCT 97 12:44:45 EDT

>Racers routinely disable....(and create more total emissions in the process)

Race cars, from mini-stocks to modifieds, use leaded racing fuel that's 104
to 114 octane, different formulas (depending on brand), even smells different
and evaporates in a heartbeat. I don't know the effects on the equations in
question. Even a "street stock" isn't stock anymore. Only demolition derby
and enduro cars use pump gas around here (New England). We had to use a cup
of pump gas to prime the carb one night and the exhaust smell was terrible
until it had used that bowlfull and gotten to the race gas in the fuel cell.
I've been told by regional engine gurus that the race engine will produce
more power and less emissions even on leaded gas because it is so much more
efficient. True? I don't know but they do spend their lives perfecting the
small block Chevy so they must know something.

STORY WARNING......A few years ago a track in southern New Hampshire had to
survive the attack of neighbors who had moved in despite the pre-existing
track. They tried to complain about noise and claiming to be
environmentalists added that the increased emissions were hurting them, the
trees and the woodland creatures and the track should be closed. So they
hired investigators to take lots of measurements and the results stopped the
complaints cold. Turned out the noise from a track surrounded by pine trees
was less than the noise from their own development! Then the emissions were
tested and they found the track full of cars produced less emissions than the
cars passing by on the road! In the end the track was asked to beautify the
place a little so they planted geraniums along the backstretch.

Sorry for the Length,
Dennis O'Connor
Naugatuck, CT, USA

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