Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] Clarktor aircrafttractor

Re: [MV] Clarktor aircrafttractor

Gordon.W.I. McMillan (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 19:25:39 +0100

Hi Jos, I had one and gave it away ! Apparently they came in two
varieties, with solid cast rear wings as counterweights and four rear
wheels, and with fabricated rear wings and two rear wheels. Mine had
cast wings and a T214 WC series engine (6 volt) plus a reduction drive
axle (Clarks - naturally) which was very like the GMC banjo type. I
have seen even smaller three wheeled Clarks units at Beltring.
Official designation was 'Clarktor 6 Aircraft Tractor' though I have
never seen anything in print anywhere about them. I know of a couple
in England, including the one I had, both around the north west. They
do feature on a number of photographs and films, and are very similar
to units still in service. If the transmission is OK just use
ordinary Dodge 6 cylinder parts for the rest. Gordon, Falkirk,

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