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Re: [MV] Dodge U-joints

paul vandervort (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 23:27:06 -0700

Hal N. Blaisdell wrote:
> Hi list,
> Does anyone have U-joints for a WC-1, 1/2Ton? I've tried all the usual
> places.. none can be had without buying the entire drive shaft or are all
> different manufactures and numbers of which I know nothing. One dealer ask
> if it was Detroit, another if it was the small one (as compared to what?) I
> don't even know the proper type or number except it is the original drive
> shaft and U-joints.


If you go to a drive line shop, one that rebuilds driveshafts etc, they
should be able to match it up to a currently made u-joint. Also, if you
have a Berry Bearing nearby, assuming your in the U.S., they should be
able to match one.
Hope this helps.

Paul Vandervort
MVPA 437

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