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safe male (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 08:53:22 -0500 (EST)

At 10:00 AM 10/20/97 +-100, Torfinn S=F8rnes wrote:
>>I was told that all coils need a resistor, either an internal one or
>>external. Both my WC and M-37 have an external ceramic resistor.=20
>>I've noticed this drops the voltage across the primary from 12v to 6v,
>>although the coil is listed as 12v.
>>Can anyone tell me why the guy who sold me the 12v coil insisted I not=
>>the external resistor?
>the purpose of the resistor is to limit the current through the primary
>If it is removed then the current may be so high that the primary winding
will burn off. Some coils have a large internal resistance so an external
resistor is not needed. (This is the
>case with my volvo). Some manufacturers bypass (short circuit) the resistor
at start up so that the coil will produce a significant spark at low
temperatures and low battery voltages.
AND I read in a old mag that you can add a 12 volt flash lite batt=20
and power the coil from that wile spinning the starter and car/truck
will start better=20
i was thinking of adding a chevy vaga oil press switch go from one to
butt i'm not driving a car/truck with ponts any more =20
and if i keep it tuned up I dont need it any way=20
sorry to bore you =20

>Torfinn Sornes
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