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RE: [MV] Wanted: M37 Wheels

Hayes-Holgate, Shaun (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 10:41:22 -0700

hi Alan! i've got the latest military vehicles magazine here and there
are quite a few
tire company ads selling new military wheels.the tires in the photos
look immaculate!
heres a couple to start:

214-688-0091 OR 800-666-TYRE

if you want anymore let me know and i'll type them out when i get more

>From: Alan Bowes
>Sent: Sunday, October 19, 1997 7:04 PM
>Subject: [MV] Wanted: M37 Wheels
>I'm looking for two original-type wheels for my M37. They must be in
>EXCELLENT condition: straight, not beat up, and practically rust-free
>outside AND inside. The split rings must also be absolutely straight and
>with virtually no rust. Either Budd or Goodyear should be OK (did anyone
>else make these wheels?). Must be in the US or Canada.
>A couple of people have told me that it's impossible to find wheels in
>such good condition, but I know otherwise. So far, I've found three very
>nice wheels. One of them had absolutely NO rust whatsoever and the
>others only had some light surface rust inside which, after
>sandblasting, showed just a few pits that were only about 1/64 inch
>Most of the used wheels that I've seen have a fair amount of rust inside
>the rim, forming two bands around the rim that correspond to the gaps
>between the flap and the tire beads. This is where water collects and
>stays wet for a long time. When the rust is sandblasted off, the pits
>from the rust often go quite deep into the metal, typically between 1/32
>and 1/16 inch deep (and sometimes more). Even though such wheels may be
>safe enough, I'd still prefer to find some with less rust.
>If anyone has a couple of nice M37 wheels they'd like to sell, e-mail
>the details to me.
>(Salt Lake City, Utah)
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