Military-Vehicles: [MV] Attention GPA owners

[MV] Attention GPA owners

Lida L. Bensinger (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 16:51:55 -0400

I've recently torn down some Jeeps and one of the transfer cases has a
front wheel drive shifter casting marked GPA. This casting has a large
flange case into it around the yoke - I assume to attach the tunnel boot?
However this casting has a flat spot ground into it parallel to the
"foot" that mounts the case to the outside transfer mount.

My question is does anyone need this casting (already de-greased) for
about $50.

D&L Bensinger
2442 Main St.
Narvon, PA 17555
phone and fax (610) 286-9545

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