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[MV] Cushman Airborne Scooters

Jim Webster (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 22:01:36 +0100

Fot those of you who don't frequent our website :-) the Simonides group
has been give some Cushman Scooters which we will be auctioning off to
the highest bidders. So here it is..


Five Cushman Model 53 Airborne Scooters, All in reasonable and original
condition and needing slight restoration. They were used up to last year
in a Warehouse Complex in Brazil and had been regularly maintained. They
now all have some small fault that prevents them running in some way. if
you are worried about this I should point out that we are also receiving
a large box of spares early next year and will supply any spare needed
if we get that particular spare [we don't actually know what is in the
box yet].

The conditions are as follows- send in your bid [email acceptable] Bids
must be in by 30th October at the latest - this is to literally to catch
the boat!. IF you are successful then you will be notified on the 1st

The scooter will be delivered approximately 3 [USA] or 4 [UK/Europe]
weeks later CASH-ON-DELIVERY. It will be in a frame-type crate - if by
any remote chance you dont like what you see then refuse delivery and
the carriers will bring them on to us. Any refused ones will then be
offered to the people that didnt make the grade before or placed in the
Beltring Auction next year.

All bids must include a current address and telephone number [home and
work preferably]

We do not have any photo's

This advert will appear elsewhere... please dont reply or bid a second


The Simonides Group
Military Archeology, Restoration and Reclamation
Go Anywhere - Reclaim Anything"

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