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Jim Corcoran (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 17:55:30 -0600

>Right then, third response in three messages. The Cushman advert in
>'Windscreen' shows one hanging from TWO parachutes. Gordon (good job
>e-mail is cheap)

I dont have access to the document you referenced but I suspect one
parachute would have been the norm. I have seen some Cushman
advertisements that show an illustration of a scooter being airdropped with
two parachutes (an example of this ad is in Jesse Dowler's book), but have
never seen an actual photograph of a Cushman being air dropped.

Part II of AN 13-5-4 "Aerial Delivery Containers" has a chart that shows
the maximum load for the G-1 (24 ft.) parachute to be 300lbs. The TM for
the M53 shows a fully equipped, unloaded weight of 250lbs. I suspect one
parachute would do the job but without some photographic proof to the
contrary, I could believe that either one or two would have been used.

Regards, Jim.

Jim Corcoran
Austin, Texas

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