Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] M-28 Weasel

Re: [MV] M-28 Weasel

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23 Oct 97 10:38:30

I'm not familiar with the museum mentioned, but I do know of an M28 Weasel for
sale if anybody's interested. It's advertised in the latest Military Vehicles
and Hemmings Motor News and located in Ohio. I'm always looking for M29s, so I
gave the owner a call and it turned out to be an M28. I was surprised to find
one since I've never actually seen one and only heard about 1 or 2 in the 15
years I've been following military vehicles. Apparently, it runs and drives,
though I can't verify that. I have seen pictures and it appears to be
surprisingly complete and relatively rust free, though it has a pretty rough
red paint job on it, so that could mask a lot of rust.

If anybody's interested, I might be able to scan the pictures I've got and send
them out off the list.

-Matt Kreutzmann
Minneapolis, MN

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