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[MV] Oldest VW MV ( postwar)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 15:26:37 -0400 (EDT)

Hanno asked" what is the oldest surviving VW 181? Equally
interesting is which is the youngest? According to VW files the chassis
no.'s started with 180 2151 344 on the 1 August 1969, and ended on 31
January 1982 with 18-C 003 789.
The oldest VW 181 registered in the Dutch Aircooled VW Club membership list
is chassis serial no. 180 236 8624, which is pretty low. The youngest is no.
188 201 3806, but there must be higher ones.
Who can do better? (What about your '79, Ken?)

Oldest 181 is supposedly owned by the Owner of the TYPE 2 Museum in
Wolfenbutel, produced in Sept-Oct 69, My youngest Kubel is a 79, I think it
was May production, But I can't check on it this minute and its not for sale.
The youngest Kubel I have for sale is a late 1978 with Vin # 1882013987, it
is available now in ALKEN, Belgium with Mr. Swennen.011-32-11-31-60-39.
EXACTLY 181# higher than your known youngest car. The oldest Kubel that I
imported was a 1970 with Vin # 1802399176, and it has already found a new
home here in Texas. I have heard of rumors circulating of a Mexican car that
changed hands recently that has less than 2000 miles on the odo, but I have
not verified this. I still claim the lowest milage car outside of Wolfsburg
with my 5441 mile 1973 Mexican 181. This was the very first car delivered to
any dealership in Texas, and was sold on 6-18-73, on the third day of the
national roll-out. Engine number AM00000233.

TO ANY member of this mail group I will upload a gif scan of "Warning 24v
"stickers that I have removed from the windscreen of a 71 German Military
Radio car. Full Color, about 4 X 4.5 inches. Pls email direct and put
"sticker gif "in the Subject line.

Ken c.

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