Military-Vehicles: [MV] M416 vs M100

[MV] M416 vs M100

Scott Strance (
Sat, 25 Oct 97 02:04:59 UT

I can't afford an M100 trailer to go with my 53 M38A1 so I've been looking at
something possibly a bit more affordable that matches the bill. I know the
'authenticity die-hards' will have a field day with this one, but please be
gentle! It's all still in the spirit of military vehicle restoration and
showing our pride and joy to the GENERAL PUBLIC, not the critic on the list.

I have a 1966 M416 trailer that is complete. I also have an extra set of
mil-standard 16" rims that came off my jeep. I was thinking of mounting the
old style rims on the trailer and replacing the flat fenders with rounded ones
and painting it all OD 24087 with the white stars.

Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any suggestions on the round fenders?
I'd like to use the same bolt points as the flat fenders that currently exist.
Better yet, does anyone have inexpensive round M100 fenders for sale?
Reproductions are OK. I'll still retain the flat fenders and new style rims
in the event I decide to recreate the trailer as the M416 it really is.
I'm not trying to pass this off as an M100. I just want to give the general
public a good show.


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