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RE: [MV] WC Questions

Lars Edin Svaasand (
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:27:10 +0100

While you are talking about electrics I'd expect a '44 WC51 to be 6
volt too, I believe only the VERY late Weapons Carriers were changed to
12 volts to be able to fit radios after Command Car production was
halted. Front blackout driving light will be 6 volt and needs to run
through a resistor. Anyone else on the list know when Weapons Carriers
went to 12 volt ?=20

It is correct the WC51/52 were fitted 12 volt after the command car =
production stopped, but I dont know the date. However, the WC51/52 with =
original 12 volt would also have original fittings (holes) for the =
antenna on the rear, voltmeter on dash, and a big box of resistors for =
the trailer light socket mounted just over this socket. If your WC has =
these things, it is a good chance its original 12V.

-Lars Svaasand, Norway

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