Military-Vehicles: RE: [MV] Radioactive dials

RE: [MV] Radioactive dials

A.Mehlhorn (
Wed, 29 Oct 97 15:06 +0100

In message <>, CHAZ <>
>Hi list , I borrowed a Geiger counter tonight to see whether
>my No.19 radio set was as radioactive as I'd been told . It's not
>radioactive at all , but the speedo from my jeep is . Background
>radiation is 31 , the speedo is 1168 and a German aircraft clock
>is 38500 . Whats a safe level for things like instruments? Should
>I look for a non luminous speedo and drop the clock in a deep hole
>somewhere or what?
Dear Chaz,

don't eat your speedo and don't touch the luminous paint with your
fingers. This may be harmfull.

Using the speedo in your vehicle is harmless.


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