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[MV] A7V tank

Clinton Kempnich (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:07:19 +1000

I work about 10 minutes away from A7V vehicle #506, "Mephisto". If anyone is
interested I am pretty sure the museum sells postcard sized photos of this
tank. If not I could always get a photo for anyone interested in it. I do
not know how long the museum has had it but I do remember it as a
child(about 30 years ago) sitting out in an open garage type shelter. As
with a lot of WW1 hardware items such as field guns and heavy machine guns,
the military made gifts of theses captured weapons to schools, and the
Returned Servicemans League (RSL). Many are also placed near suburban
memorials that depict the names of local men who lost thier lives fighting
in WW1. I travel the east coast of Australia regularly and such sites are
common in most small towns as well. A major private school up the road from
me has a beauttifully restored German artillery peice. A school oldboy was
involved in capturing the implacement during WWI. It was restored about
four years ago by the Australian Army but soon became rusty after being put
on display at the school. They then re did the whole job this time using
2pac. I will find out the technical data of this gun for those interested
as these are not my major passion.

Clinton Kempnich
42 slat grill willys
Brisbane, Australia

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