Military-Vehicles: [MV] M151A2

[MV] M151A2

Dave (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 20:13:00 -0600

I am looking for a vehicle logbook and also a lubrication chart for an =
M151A2. Anybody in the group know of a source?

Also. I am trying to verify what if any kind of bumper markings would =
have been on a Mutt in the mid 70's. In particular a jeep used for =
flight line security patrols. =20

This jeep will be part of an exhibit which will include a B52D that I am =
restring for a museum, any information would be great. The scenario is =
for a flight line ready "cocked" buff at Utapao, at the end of the =
Vietnam conflict.

Thanks in advance, have learned a lot in the few short weeks reading =
with the group!

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