[MV] Adjusting the drive pinion for axles on MB 1943

Wouter Top (pub02240@innet.be)
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 01:00:30 +0100

I am trying to locate a "pinion setting gauge" to adjust the drive pinion of both axles because
one was badly due to broken bolts. I found them like this when i bought the jeep last year.
At the moment of bought I though they were ok.
(Cfr TM-10-1513 p 1100-97)
a. Can sombody help me in locating that tool?

b. Once I have this tool in the above mentioned book they speak about using
a micrometer with the tool. On the figure I do not see a micrometer to be used
their is only shown how to put the gauge.

Could somebody give me some advice in how to replace the pinion and
differential and how to adjust them to the proper setting ?

Thank you in advance.

Wouter Top
Moerkerke-Damme near Brugge
Belgium- WEurope
MB '43

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