Re: [MV] Very early 1942 GPW

Todd Paisley (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 17:16:24 -0500

>> >Very early GPW with Willys frame had the pressed radiator grill without
>> >center dent.....
>> Did it just have a hole or was it just flat? The "dent" is for clearance
>> for the tab welded to the front crossmember for the lower mount on the
>> grille. Does it have this tab? That is interesting. Where did you hear
>> this?
>I think there is some confusion on this matter. The "flat part" refers
>to the TOP of the grill where the hood rests. On early fords there is
>no dip for the hood seam, while on later hood there is a small
>depression for the hood seam to rest in.

Yeah. A few people sent me a message regarding this. The first thing I
thought of was the lower "bulge" for the front crossmember mount. In this
case, a picture is literally worth a 1000 words. I guess we need to come up
with more technical terms than "dent" or "flat part".... ;)

Todd Paisley

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