[MV] Some variants in very early 1942 GPW

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Thu, 04 Dec 1997 10:33:10 +0000

Hello lists, In Japan there is one interesting 1942 GPW # 9890.The front
end of the frame is cut off vertically.(the standard type is cut off
diagonally) Judging from the location of its hole,obviously this is not
modification.After March 15 1942 all GPWs' frames were cut off
diagonally by Army request.Very early 1942 GPWs which were produced in
Jan. - March 1942 have some variants. The eariest type has the same
engine,frame as MB.The front end of the frame is cut off vertically.Its
holes are small like MB.There is no serial numbers on the left frame but
on the left engine mount...etc.Maybe these differences came from the
fact that FORD had 5 factories.In Oct.1941 FORD got the contract from
the Pentagon.FORD started the GPW production in Jan.1942,so they were in
hurry in early stage...The serial number and the date of delivery are
very confusing in GPW.the speculation is...FORD managed total serial
numbers in Head Office and assigned these numbers to the 5 factories
depending on their production capacities.According to All American
Wonder Vol.2,above GPW #9890 in Japan is one of the #9760(1942.3.3) -
#9920(161 unit), namely #9890 is the 131st out of 161 GPWs which wre
produced in one of the 5 factories.The date of delivery is March 3 but
this does not mean # 9890 were produced in March 1942 but produced in
earlier 1942 according to above speculation.Does anyone have above unit
#9760 - #9920 GPW? Please check your front end of the frame...cut off
vertically!? When we restore very early 1942 GPWs We should be very
careful...more variants less information...Mori

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