[MV] Fuel Gauge grounding problem

Walter and Jennifer Klein (waltjen@idt.net)
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 23:55:39 -0400

Hi everybody!

I've been enjoying the numerous messages from the sidelines, but I need to
ask for some help. I recently replaced my fuel gauge and fuel sender for
my MB, but I have been unable to get them to work. I suspect that I am
having a grounding problem. Does anyone know where I could obtain a copy
of a wiring schematic diagram that might help me locate all the necessary
grounding cables?

I also have a question regarding my MB's pedigree. I know that it is a
jeep salad that was rebuilt at La Maltournee, Paris and was used by the
French Army until this past spring. The frame does not have the data
plate on the left frame horn but instead has the number 41965 stamped on
the top right side of the front chassis. I have heard two theories - that
this is a Willys Overland France/Hotchkiss chassis or that it is an
American Willys frame missing the first digit (presumably a "1").

Any help would be appreciated.

Walter Klein

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