Re: [MV] Very early 1942 GPW
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 20:41:44 -0600

The star you have mentioned is on both of the frames I have. The serial
are 135040 and 125460. Both are mid '43 between June and August
according to
All American Wonder. Just a note regarding MB and GPW frames; a good
friend of mine up the road is restoring a '42 MB down to the last nut and
bolt. His vehicle had a rebuild tag dated Oct. '45 with the name MODESTO
DEPOT or something to that effect on the dash. Also, his '42 MB frame
had a rear cross member with the 2 "GPW holes" on both right and left
ends. He removed it and sold it to me because one of my frames was
without. Sorry for getting so "long winded".

Wally Piroyan
1943 GPW

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