[MV] GPW SN's: stars? What stars?

Mick O'Farrell (mick@trinity-design.ie)
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 16:05:18 +0100

Michael Meister wrote:
>GPW SN's BEGIN with a star, as well as END with a star. So it's
>really *GPW95234*
The SN on my GPW frame (which has the "F" on the front crossmember) is 90216
- there's no stars front or back, and the letters GPW do not appear beside
the number.

My first few months with this jeep (when I was ignorant of the details)
were racked with insecurity - did I have an authentic WWII MV or not?
Having learnt a lot from this list, I happily decided that I did.

NOW I read that GPW SNs should have stars...

Can someone please confirm that a number without stars is valid. Or that
all I need to do is look closer...


Mick O'Farrell
Miss J - '43 GPW/mb

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