[MV] GPW SN's: stars? What stars?

Mick O'Farrell (mick@trinity-design.ie)
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 16:05:18 +0100

My GPW, #48315, doesn't have any stars, nor anything other than "GPW483
15" stamped on the frame.

Since the subject is fairly topical now, I'll ask a few questions about
mine. First let me twll you what it is like: It had a glovebox (which
is missing including the data plates), Ford script on the lower left
rear, trailer plug on the rear, no black-out light nor mounting holes,
mismatched engine (cam driven). Several things have been changed on
it--including it having a CJ grill and headlights, CJ windshield, and a
@#$%^&*'d up front bumper and frame--it has a mix of wooden and metal
plates for a front bumper with bolt on hitch on the front, plus some
reinforcing plates on the top of the frame connecting to the bumper.

My questions are: What is the date ad location of manufacture? AAW#2
shows #48305 being made 16 July, 1942, so I could assume it is around
this period. The issue of Ford assigning different serial numbers and
prodction serials not being always sequential comes to mind as well. I
know Ford produced them at five locations--any way to determine exactly
which plant and what date?

Secondly--AAW cites that scripted bodies were generally stopped in the
April-May 42 time frame. While it is possible this jeep is a mutt of a
couple, it seems probable to me it isn't.My only logical explanation is
perhaps it was pulled from the line for a problem and completed later
and stamped. What do you think about it?

This pareticular jeep was found on a farm in Green City, Missouri. I
bought it through a friend who bought it on the GC farm to restore
it--stored it for a year and decided his daughter's dental work was more

Some of the other issues I have with it body wise are the rear
bumperettes are gone and have ben replaced with angle iron, and the hood
has a nice 6" round hole just in front of the windshield. Mechanically,
the post-war engine that came with it is in petty good shape--getting
rebuilt now. The tank is original and seems to be sound. It is missing
a bunch of body parts, which I am collecting now--pretty much anything
but the basics have been pulled off--like spare tire mount, pioneer tool
brackets etc. I am collecting all the parts for the next 6 months
before worrying about the body.

Thanks in advance


42 GPW #48315 40 Chevy 1 1/2 ton #2615

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------------------------------- Original Message -------------------------------
Michael Meister wrote:
>GPW SN's BEGIN with a star, as well as END with a star. So it's
>really *GPW95234*
The SN on my GPW frame (which has the "F" on the front crossmember) is 90216
- there's no stars front or back, and the letters GPW do not appear beside
the number.

My first few months with this jeep (when I was ignorant of the details)
were racked with insecurity - did I have an authentic WWII MV or not?
Having learnt a lot from this list, I happily decided that I did.

NOW I read that GPW SNs should have stars...

Can someone please confirm that a number without stars is valid. Or that
all I need to do is look closer...


Mick O'Farrell
Miss J - '43 GPW/mb

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