[MV] Fumes

Laurel Pearl (lazarus@nmia.COM)
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 22:07:24 -0700

Knowing that those Jeep owners out there have almost exclusively soft
tops, I was wondering: What do you do when you're driving around in the
rain or something of that nature and you are required to put on the soft
top all the way? I have found that driving around in 20 degree weather
isn't terribly amusing when I have both windows down. I think the
problem originates with exhaust coming in via the low pressure zone
which causes the air to circle and come against the back window- perhaps
leaking in. Any solutions to this or should I just make sure to carry
gloves and a heavy jacket with me?

Laurel Pearl
'78 CJ5 "Jeepzilla"

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